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18 Aug

Has anyone ever watched the TLC show, “Hoarders”?  I haven’t because when I tried, within 10 seconds I was so taken back I just had to turn it off.  I just can’t imagine that lifestyle.  Being in a small apartment with my husband can be challenging, but it’s also the perfect situation for staying as minimal as possible.

“We have no room for clutter!”

Ed worked all day, so after lunch I stayed in and to clean and “declutter” what I could.  I did the usual bathroom cleaning, laundry, dishes, made the bed, etc., but I also took a look in my “basket of stuff” that I tend to throw things into when I don’t want to deal with them at that moment.

“We’ll call this my extended junk drawer.”

Inside I found some notebooks, some of my old race bibs from the past year, a couple of filed accordions and something I was not proud of at all…

I’m a hoarder!

Sadly to say, that is just one envelope flap of grocery store receipts from the past year give or take a few months more!  I also found receipts from just about every other store I have visited on a regular basis for groceries or odds and ends things for the house.  In the end, it looked like this.

This is just the beginning…

I remember reading once to keep your receipts for rebates and or the possibility of being audited, but over a years worth of grocery store receipts with some with as little as fresh produce and milk on them.  I think I need to look into my research a little more.

I then tackled the shoe closet…another ignored part of our small space and found some old friends.

I put a lot of miles on these babies.

These were my first “running” shoes.  They helped train me and ran me through my first 5K and 10-mile race.  However, they had to go because they were not fitted properly for that type of running and ended up cracking my two big toe nails during the 10-miler.


I’ll spare you the details, but after nearly 6 months, I’m still waiting on those to heal. I kept them around for light workouts till I bought my real and current running shoes, but in an effort to “declutter”, it’s time to say goodbye.

Once Ed came home, we spent the afternoon running errands at IKEA, Kohls and Target.  It’s tax free week in MD and we didn’t want to miss out.  When grabbing my purse to head out the door, something green caught my attention.

“Whats green and and leafy and shouldn’t be chillin in my purse?”

You guessed it.  That’s broccoli from last nights dinner in my purse!  I couldn’t understand it at first, but then I remember my stumble from the kitchen to the table.  My broccoli flew from my plate straight into my purse without any notice.  24 hours later, it was a cold, soggy mess.  Nasty!

Dinner ended up being a combo meal at IKEA since my chicken didn’t thaw out today as planned.

“2 hot dogs, 1 chips and 1 drink = $2.50 and a happy husband”

Be on the lookout for a new try at an old chicken dish tomorrow.  It includes tomato paste, avocado and a whole lot of Parmesan!


Question of the Night

What is piling up around your house?


Night Time Terrors

13 Aug

Have you ever ate something just a little too late at night knowing it’s going to have some kind of effect on you, but you do it anyway.  Well, that was me last night with the Sunbutter.  I was watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics and my stomach was growling.

I tried a handful of grapes.

“Not happy.”

I tried a big glass of water?

“I’m sorry, try again.”

I eventually gave in for a spoonful of Sunbutter.  My husband is allergic to peanuts, so this is a rare treat when on hand.  Pushing 9:00 PM, I sat and licked my spoon while watching the British Invasion in Olympia form.

My stomach was happy, but I knew I had a rough night ahead of me.

My husband called me at work this morning to inform me of my “clinging and babbling” in bed last night.  Oops.  I told him about my night terrors only for him to jokingly tell me that he thought I was speaking another man’s name.  Hm, should I tell him that my night terrors actually reflected my childhood fear of talking dolls?  (Oh, Child’s Play, how you have scared me for life.)  Nah, I’ll let him squirm a little more.


Breakfast came in the form of leftover Sweet Potato Hash from Saturday’s breakfast minus the dippy egg.  Recipe to come.  This one is a keeper!  I also ate a banana on the side with a small cup of coffee.

Sweet Potato Hash with a “Dippy” Egg

Lunch came in the form of easy, Crock Pot Salsa Chicken over a bed of greens, green grapes and yogurt.  Yum!

My back it still sore from my 3 mile trail run last night with Ed.  Not sure what I did, but it was not happy this morning.  Hoping for a nice stretch packed workout this afternoon

See you then!

Questions of the Afternoon:

Are you affected by late night eating terrors?  What foods make you squirm all night?

Simple Things: A to Z

11 Aug

Happy Saturday!

Blogging is hard work, but we’re getting there.  I’m still figuring out which direction I’m going to go here, but I’m very excited.

Let’s get to know each other a little better, shall we.

The Simple Things: A to Z

A – Apple Season.  It’s getting closer!

B – Banana Blueberry Yogurt Muffins < (Look, two “B” words!) Made them today and the yogurt made them so fluffy.  Yum!

Banana Bread and Blueberry Yogurt Muffins

C – Cruising.  Part of our honeymoon included a seven day trip on Carnival cruises.  We LOVED cruising our first trip and hope to do more soon.

D – Dancing.  Put me with the right group and it’s going to be a fun night.  No wallflowers.

E – Edward.  My loving, supportive, hardworking and goofy husband.  Every day I get to fall in love with him more and I have to admit, it’s pretty awesome!

F – Fish.  We are the proud parents of a 26 gallon fresh water tank of fish.  It was my husband’s 30th birthday wish and although I do not particularly always have the patience for it, it brings him so much joy to take care of.  Proud Papa!

G – Grandma.  The sweetest and most gentle person I know.

H – House Hunting.  Although we have decided since MD may not be a permanent residence in the nearer future, it’s still fun to look!

I – IKEA.  Love it.  No need for much explanation.  It’s a warehouse of fun and ideas every single time.

J – Jello Pudding Pops.  I remember them as a kid and would love to get my hands on one again.  Better then store bought.

K – Kara.  My very beautiful and incredibly unique little sister.  I envy her free spirit and it warms my heart to see her transform into an adult.

L – Local cuisine.  Chain restaurants out, local food in.

M – Master’s degree.  I am currently studying for my graduate degree in Instructional Design for Online Learning and my husband is studying for his graduate degree in Health Management. There is a whole lot of studying going on around here.

N – Nutella.  I tried it and I was hooked.

O – Once Upon a Time.  Probably the most addicting show for me these days.  I love it.

P – Philippines. My husband’s extended family still lives in the Philippines and his brother and sister just went on a month visit this past summer.  Future trip?

Q – Quiet time.

R – Running.  It started with a 5K, then a 10 miler, soon to be 10K and January we’ll make it the ½ Marathon.  Who would of thought a devote swimmer turned runner.  “Not this girl!”

S – Sweet Potato Hash.  In other words, breakfast this morning.  Boy, was this yummy and a necessary and healthy breakfast for the future.  Yum!

Sweet Potato Hash with a “Dippy” Egg

T – Travel.  Can’t get enough.  My goal is to visit all 50 states before I die and it will be written so in my obituary.

U – Upcoming adventures.  My husband and I love new activities.  Yesterday, we sat and looked at our “1000 Places to See before You Die” book and the wheels and our head were turning.

V – Ventnor City, NJ.  We spent a long weekend there for Ed’s 30th.  We had such a fun time!

W – Weddings.  We were summer lovin’ at three different weddings this summer.  I love celebrating with new married friends.

X – …”X-Tra” Creamy Peanut Butter.  Okay, I had to cheat, but it’s not a bad thing.

Y – Yoga.  I need to do this at least once a week.  My body will thank me.

Z – Zumba.  I used to love it, but haven’t been to a “good” class since I moved.  It’s all in who the instructor is sometimes that makes it so fun!

A New Adventure

21 Jul

For many years, I have read blogs from start to finish while consistently trying new recipes, decorating my home and all and all living the life through the eyes of a blog fan.  Today, I start my new adventure in the blog world and start my own.

Now, what will it be about you ask?

That’s just it.  I do not know that first rule of “blogging”, but I’m excited to figure it out.  I hope to write a blog that not only you will enjoy, but also a blog that I, myself would actually read too.

Frugal living, insane kitchen cooking, delicious baking and even a little travel from a newly married, beach loving, professional learning how to survive next to one of the most powerful cities in America, Washington, DC.

Here we go…

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