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New York City Weekend – WTC Memorial

17 Oct

Good morning!

I’m finally going to get started on some highlights from our NYC trip.

But first, breakfast!

Two scrambled eggs, a dash of parsley, a sprinkle of cheddar cheese, half of an avocado, drizzled with Ed’s homemade spicy (for him, not me) tomatillo sauce.  I sided it up with a small glass of orange juice and a few sips of coffee.  The same pumpkin spice I left on the coffee table on Monday morning.  A “few sips” being the perfect choice of words.  It wasn’t very tasty 2 days later, but I don’t like to waste.  So, I gave it a shot.

World Trade Center Memorial

My friend Kelly and I escaped Maryland via Bolt Bus on Friday afternoon to go visit her sister, Elsa, who lives in Queens, NY.  She moved there about a year and a half about and we’ve been discussing a trip there together for some time.

My attempt to beat bus ride boredom. I read ZERO pages in that book.

The bus ride was quiet and the two of us chatted for the better half of it as well as a quick nap since sleep was not on the itinerary for the next couple nights.

We arrived NYC at around 8PM and bolted to their friend Ken’s place to drop our bags off before dinner at Lena Latin Grill.  We were hungry and I gobbled up my grilled chicken with tomatillo and avocado sauce (Yum!), sweet plantains and fried yuca in no time.  Since our bus was so late, we headed to Queens to rest up for an early morning at the WTC Memorial.

On our way to the World Trade Center Memorial, Elsa convinced me that a bacon, cream cheese bagel is the best street car breakfast in NYC.  I didn’t argue since I was hungry and there just happened to be one of many food carts outside the memorial.

Bagels, cream cheese and bacon are three of my favorite cheat items.  So, what can I say, I approved.

The memorial has come a long way since I visited Ground Zero last in 2008.  While there is still some to be done to put the finishing touches and officially open it to the public, it was quite a different site from what happened just over 11 years ago.

While waiting in line for our 11:30AM entrance, Kelly and I discussed where we were and how we found out about the tragedy that surrounded that day.  I was in 9th grade and in 2nd block gym class when we walked by the television inside the fitness center.  That was my first glimpse of the first tower and eventually the hit of the second.

South Pool

Ken, Elsa, Kelly

Even though I was a young 14 year old, the phrase “terrorist attack” was not something I had much knowledge of before that day.  From my memory, I think many people, older and younger, had to take a moment or two to figure it all out from afar that day.  Some couldn’t bare the site of it, while others chose to ignore it completely.

The memorial still has some final touches they are working on, but the beauty of the grounds was obviously there.

The Survivor Tree

North Pool

Rainbow across the North Pool

Needless to say, we left the memorial with a deeper honor for those whose lives were lost that day.

We will never forget.

After spending our morning at the memorial we headed on to enjoy the rest of our day in the city.

Where were you on September 11th, 2001?


Back to Reality – Giveaway Winners

16 Oct

I promise, I have not forgotten about you.

New York City was a blast and I  look forward to sharing some of the highlights…soon.  Today, its back to reality and I’ve done nothing but run around since my return on Sunday night.

When 5AM rolled around Monday morning, life was pretty darn hard until I got my large travel mug of coffee brewing…which was left on the coffee table at home by accident.  Luckily, there was a pot brewing at work and I used some of my cereal milk to fix it right.

Word.  I’m working on this though.  I only drink coffee about 2-3 times a week at most.  With the exception of yesterday, I actually do just drink it cause I like the taste.

Ed and I were supposed to meet with our small group last night for a service project after work, but we were rained out.  With that said, I knocked out to bed extra early.  10:30 PM.  Close enough.

After getting some work done and finishing up another dentist appointment this morning, I fixed a quick lunch to eat.

One apple with 1 Tablespoon of drizzled caramel

One whole wheat English muffing toasted with mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes.

Food is still a little low after this weekend.  All I’m craving is veggies.  I worked my sweet tooth a lot in NYC!

I twisted my knee up pretty badly with all the festivities of the weekend, but I seem to be much better this morning.  I’m hoping to get an ab workout in with some much needed yoga.  I’ll let you know what I came up with. 😉 Running will take place again tomorrow.

Giveaway Winners

The Who Nu? Giveaway winners are:

  • Emily N.
  • Chels
  • Kristina S.

You will all be emailed this afternoon. Please respond within 24 hours or I will have to choose a new winner.

Enjoy your treat!  Thanks to all who entered.

How do you “get back to reality” after a trip away?

Ed and I have been on so  many weekend trips to Ohio and other fun places since we have been married.  You would think we are used to it.  I’m exhausted after a quick trip like these.  All in good reason, of course. 😉  I have never been good at relaxing while on vacation, especially weekend trips.

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