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Opposite Day

22 Sep

This morning, Ed and I were definitely on an opposite schedule.  At 6:20 AM, I get a whisper in my ear saying “I’m going out to run.”  I was not even the smallest bit motivated to even try this morning.  I was beat.  So, he left while I slept.  When he returns around 7:45 AM, he showered crawled back into bed and I left to push myself to do, well, something.

I wasn’t in the best mood for a workout this morning, so I started on the treadmill and it turned out to be a pretty good sweat.

When I got home, I did about 10 minutes worth of abs before showering and making breakfast.

Ed opted for the fruit and cereal route while I made two scrambled eggs filled with mushrooms, parsley and garlic powder, half a toasted whole wheat bagel with Munster cheese melted on top and a glass of orange juice.

Ed is currently out running errands, while I opted to stay in this morning and clean the place and bag our Goodwill items to take this afternoon.

I wonder how many more opposite tasks we can manage today?

Do you consider you and your partner pretty “one in the same” or  the typical “opposites attract” love story?

I think Ed and I are usually on the same wave length.  The reason we started hanging out was because we were the only people we knew that loved real sushi.  So, we started visiting local sushi places together which escalated into much more similar interests.  We are definitely opposite in the sleeping routine though.  The man can seriously function on 3 hours of sleep daily.  I can’t.  7-8 hours…minimum.

P.S. I added a Healthy Snacks page to my Recipes page.  Check out last night’s salty treat!

Our First Anniversary

27 Aug

Ed and I are celebrating our First Wedding Anniversary today!

“Our Wedding Day – 08/27/2011”

As some may have read, we started the celebration a little early on Saturday when we decided to spend a date night out at Seasons 52.  We had such a great time!

Now that my blog is getting pretty consistent, I thought our anniversary day would be a great day to introduce the man I love (and often is mentioned on here) and our story of how we became husband and wife.  Don’t worry folks; I plan on leaving a lot of the “sappiness” out.  Some stories are only meant for the ones who know them the best 🙂

In fall of 2006, a friend of mine asked me to pray for a friend of theirs.  To this day, I can’t remember why I was asked to do this except that they were in need of the extra prayer at this particular time. I kept to my promise and spent a lot of my prayer time praying for a man I had never met for circumstances that were unknown.  All I knew was his name and he lived in California.

“Disney World – 9/2011”

Ed and I met in April 2007 at a wedding rehearsal.   I lived in Ohio and he lived in California.  After our introduction, Ed’s first words to me were “Hi, I’m Ed, I heard you have been praying for me?”  I obnoxiously yelled “Yes!” with excitement as I finally had a face to go with a name.  We spent only 24 hours getting to know each other in the span of wedding activities.  However, after a memorable introduction, a very memorable hair cut and some exchanged talking and laughing throughout the reception, Ed left back to his home in California two days later.  Never to be seen of again…or so I thought.

“New York City – 11/2008”

In August 2007, I was surprised to see Ed at a friend’s birthday party.  He was leaving California and moving back to Ohio.  We went out to a late lunch with a friend that day where he and I fought over who would pay the bill.  He won, but I put up a good fight.

“Virginia Beach – 6/2010”

We would see each other at random events for the next year, but it was a group vacation to Florida in August 2008 where sparks started to fly and glances were exchanged.  Ed and I secretly found opportunities to have alone time together and separate from the group to just talk.  When we returned to Ohio, Ed made it a point to ask to hang out more often.

“Presque Isle Road Trip – 6/2009”

For a full year, Ed and I planned and experienced many events together as friends from day trips to new restaurants and new activities.  In July 2009, Ed finally got up the courage to share his true feelings.  Soon after that, things between us became official and very soon after that, shared with each other that we wanted to be married one day.

“Hocking Hills – 05/2010”

After a year and a half of dating, Ed asked me to be his wife on March 17th, 2011.
Ed is the most genuine man I have ever met.  While he has shared in some experiences in life that many of us will never imagine, he always enters a room with a smile on his face.  He is quite the practical jokester.

“Skydiving – 09/2010”

He makes me want to be a better person and sticks by me when things are tough.  He never claims to have all the answers, but he always has the amount of time to sit and talk until its all okay.  He works hard for our little family and always refers to us as a team in every decision we make.

“Hersheypark – 12/2011”

While he is busy finishing his master’s degree, working full time and tirelessly finding new DIY projects to make our little apartment a home on a budget, he always offers to clean the “big” dishes after meals and never hesitates to help fold laundry without being asked.

“Mexico – 09/2011”

We share a love for God, life, travel and new experiences.  Since our wedding day in 2011, we have visited 7 states, 3 countries and many cities that all included dozens of new activities, restaurants and adventures.

“Honduras – 09/2011”

What started as a promised prayer soon turned into a love story between me and my best friend.  It’s hard to believe we’re already this far and exciting to know that “this far” is only temporary.  We have much more life to live and our journey is not over yet.

“I love you, Edward.  Happy First Anniversary.”

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