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Sandy Update

31 Oct

…Do I know you?

Yes, I’ve officially ignored the blog for a couple weeks.  I just haven’t had the itch to blog much lately and I’m still getting used to things.

Please, be patient with me.

This past weekend we ran into the Frankenstorm named Sandy and came up with no power for two days.  Which is minimal compared too many in other areas.  Thanks to cell phones, social networking and texting; we were able to monitor the status of our family and friends from a far.

Isn’t technology great!

After this past summer’s surprise, 4 day, 105 degree blackout, we had time to prepare for this beast with vengeance.

We did all the laundry we could so we had clean clothes and towels, stocked on water, packed ice, powered up our solar panels (Thanks, Rob S. for the hook up!), gassed up the cars for a quick getaway, if necessary, among other necessary things like candles and batteries.  Ed even made sure to have the camper grill ready for warm food.

We felt prepared and blessed.

Sandy was originally supposed to hit closer to the bay which would have been pretty awful for Marylanders, but she took a spin north on Sunday night, so some flooding and loss of electricity was the most that happened near us.  She was roaring on Monday night.

I enjoyed a book by flashlight.

We received power early this morning and back to normal everyday life.  Thank goodness.  I was getting STIR CRAZY!

Since moving to Maryland 16 months ago, I have experienced (2) hurricanes, (1) mini earthquake, and a major blackout.  I think that is t-shirt worthy.  In Ohio, I survived snowstorms.  It was the norm.

What major super storms have you experienced in your lifetime?

This actually wasn’t my first experience with a hurricane in Maryland.  While vacationing in Ocean City as a kid, another hurricane was brewing that cut our family vacation early.  I can remember the wind being extremely strong and no beach at all.  Fun stuff.

New York City Soda Ban

18 Sep

Today has been a very gloomy day and with non stop rain and clouds.  It put quite the negative twist on getting my cardio in for the day.  I planned on getting a 45 minute run in outside today, but the weather just wouldn’t have it.  So, it was off to the gym I went.

It’s just you and me, kid.

Since I was more concerned about getting to the gym dry, I completely forgot about grabbing some kind of treadmill back up plan.  So, this is what I came up with.

It is really hard for my to stay on the treadmill for more the 30 minutes. So while this workout wasn’t incredibly difficult even with the added incline, the determination to stay on that treadmill was.  I was a sweaty mess though from my face down my legs and arms.

After I showered, I prepared dinner and ate with the windows open to enjoy the cool breeze from the rain.


For dinner:

  • Wegman’s Teriyaki Pork w/ a spoonful of Wegman’s Organic BBQ Sauce
  • Fresh Steamed String Beans
  • White Baked Potato w/ a spoonful of Plain Greek Yogurt

New York City Soda Ban

Last Thursday, New York City Board of Health announced their controversial ban on limiting the size of sugary drinks (16 oz. or less) at many entertainment areas to include restaurants and movie theaters.  I have been reading about the backlash and criticisms since.

I am not a soda drinker, but my husband is on occasion.  We often go back and forth on “how much is too much” mostly because I can’t understand the need for it or the taste (I can’t stand the carbonation).  A lot of the criticism I have been hearing include government control, but what I found most interesting is that they are limiting the ban in many forms.  Grocery stores stores are exempt from the law as well as alcoholic beverages and fruit drinks which sometimes contain too much sugar themselves.

Another theory, why New York City?  One of the biggest vacation cities in the country where people expect to come and enjoy themselves.  Now, they are limited to what they can order?  Shouldn’t it be there choice?  Are people taking this issue just a bit to seriously?  Isn’t 16 oz. enough?

Personally, the ban doesn’t effect me either way, but I think there are different approaches the government could make.  People are going to make their own decisions and having a few less oz. of soda isn’t going to make a huge difference if you consume it at every meal.


Do you think the government is over stepping their boundaries?  Do you think other popular cities are close behind with the ban on sugary drinks?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this issue.

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