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Why I Decided to Blog

18 Sep

Today is cold and rainy, but breakfast was warm and sweet.

In the bowl is:

  • 3 Eggs
  • Fresh Mushrooms
  • Roasted Garlic Hummus
  • Artisan Cheese
  • Parsely

I rounded it up with a small glass of orange juice and a handful of fresh raspberries.

Sweet and tasty.

Why I Decided to Blog

Blogging has always interested me in many forms.  I have followed blogs, “liked” blogs, used blogs for DIY projects, used them to find dinner for the night and even to catch up on lives and adventures.  I have started blogs (nope, you never saw them), but never had the drive to think anyone cared about reading anything I wrote.  I always used the excuse, “I can’t think of a good name.”  (Yes, I went through three names till I landed on this one, but that’s for another blog post.)

There are some seriously great names out there!  Blogging has become such a phenomenon that the thought of living up to any of them sounded intimidating.

Why would anyone care about my adventures, accomplishments, goals or food?

It’s difficult for me to put who I am out there for people to see and “get to know me” through the eyes of blogging.  It’s always been easier to have people “assume” they know me and people still will.  I’ve had my struggles and the learning continues, but I’m excited to be part of this community.

Before, I would never think to post a comment on a blog, share a post on my personal Facebook page, or share my workout routines for everyone to see (talk about pressure to get to the gym), but I’m doing it.  I like posting what I eat and what activities we are doing.  It gives me (and Ed too) that extra pep in our step to get a little uncomfortable and remember to not take life so seriously.  It’s not all about going to work and paying the bills.  It’s also about taking days off and spending a little more for that extra dessert…before dinner 😉

I hope people will continue to support me on this journey!

My goal is to write a blog that represents what makes me me as I continue to cut my own unique hole in the blogging world.

Why did you start blogging?  Do you think you blog is a good representation of who you are?


The Travel Page was added today!  I can’t wait to fill it up in the next couple months 😉

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